A Sunday well spent

For the most part, Sunday means church, cleaning, and catching up on lesson plans, or grading, or both, to prepare for the week ahead.

Today was different. And today was good, really good.

Gracie woke us up at 6am no surprise there and while Bridger made us breakfast, we watched The Little Prince  (seriously the cutest) on Netflix and snuggled.

The weather has been so sketchy around here lately – insane winds – and typical WY snow and slush, but today looked promising, so we thought we would load the dogs up and see if any sheds have dropped yet.

We took off about an hour outside of town. Mud whined the whole way and Gracie took her morning nap. Then, we pulled off on HWY 487 and decided we better get after it.

The wind was howling. I have to admit, I was kind of nervous. I started to have mom worries and was hoping Gracie wouldn’t be too cold.

Bridger strapped her to my back and she was the happiest kid on the planet.

Seriously, she was laughing and talking up a storm. So, we took off, noses running and eyes watering.

Mud led the way, sporting his new Kurgo dog pack. He carried water and was totally prepared to haul the sheds.

We walked a little over 3 miles and decided we’d better turn around. Gracie was such a trooper. We didn’t have our daypack for her, so we had to use the Infantino flip carrier, but it was perfect!

I definitely got a workout in, carrying 20+ of baby and trying to keep up with my crazy fast, stud of a husband.

No luck finding sheds, but we did make a muddy mess in my car.

Now, Bridg is upstairs reloading, Gracie is actually taking a real nap (seriously a freakin miracle) and I am binge watching “No Tomorrow”on Netflix.
Happy Sunday friends 🙂


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