41_28152087434_oHey. Hi. Hello.

My name is Hannah Miller and I am an English teacher and athletics coach in Casper, WY. More importantly, I am a mother to a beautiful, wild, crazy toddler, and I am a wife to a handsome, supportive, hard-working husband. I created this blog to share my thoughts, projects, and overall lifestyle with you in hopes of inspiring ideas, questions, and conversation.

Learning has, and will always be, a passion of mine. As an English teacher, I am constantly researching, reading, and trying to improve. I am fortunate to have a job that gives me freedom to explore other interests in my life. I consider myself an artist and have a passion for decor. In the past, I dabbled in painting and drawing – specifically, portraits and landscape – but now I’ve shifted my focus to DIY projects such as wood signs, and furniture refurbishing. I am interested in starting an Etsy shop, but for now, I take custom orders from the locals. 184

My husband is an avid outdoorsman. He is an incredible athlete and big-game hunter. As often as he can, he covers miles in the mountains and finds some really awesome territory. We are so lucky to live in Wyoming with easy access to public land. Recently, he found a passion for shed hunting and started his own business Shednecks. Primarily, we sell apparel, hats, and stainless steal mugs, but we also sell OnX map chips so hunters can easily find public land, understand hunting zones, find points of interest, access weather updates, and much more. Neither of us have business degrees, so we have learned a lot in the past year, but we like a challenge and appreciate the opportunity God has handed to us. Right now, we are still working out of our home, packaging and shipping each order when we get home from our regular jobs each night. To say we feel busy is an understatement, but so far, it has been so worth it.


Bridger and I have one beautiful little girl – Gracie June – who has brought us so much love and understanding. She has been a wild child since the day she was born. Obviously, the first three months of her life brought new challenges to us as first-time parents, but she also had colic. YIKES. She is over a year old now and walking (basically running) around like crazy.

She has her dad’s terrible sleeping habits and R A R E L Y sleeps through the night. It is what it is. We love her anyway. In typical Gracie fashion, she is finally getting some teeth, 008but they are all out of the “normal” order in which they are supposed to arrive. She has a healthy appetite, and definitely tells you how she feels. We are so proud of her and I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all. Make sure to check the Motherhood section of the blog for updates on our time together.

012Finally, I can’t leave out the dogs because – let’s face it – they really run the house. Moose is an 8 (we think) year old rescue black lab, and Mud is a 3-year-old black lab. They weigh in at about 200 lbs combined and eat our wallets dry. I vacuum twice a day (at least) and do my best not to leave any food on the counter.

I hope this gives a little peek into our lives. Always, feel free to contact me with ideas, questions, or collaboration requests: throughthepines00@gmail.com.